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Burlwood Furniture

Check out our recent Driftwood & Burlwood Furnishings
Our collection of driftwood & burlwood home furnishings makes it easy to add texture, interest and warmth with seaside style or the deep rich woods of the pacific northwest.

Driftwood or Burlwood coffee tables and accent tables with custom glass tide pools on top are the perfect focal point for a beach house style living room.


We build customized burlwood & driftwood furnishings

Hand made, lovingly created, each an original work of art. Beautiful free-form pieces that will be treasured for a life time.

These creations are a mix of Pacific Northwest woods, california driftwood, beach-style tide pools, and glass top tables, with both traditional and resin wood finishes.
Custom Driftwood Furniture Company

Driftwood Burl Furnishings Mission

Is to make only the best custom driftwood furniture that is designed to last for generations with traditional craftsmanship that brings a touch of nature to your home.

Our Custom Furniture Philosohy

When you look at a piece of our driftwood furniture, you can see the hands that made it. Our tables and chairs aren't stamped out of a factory, our clocks and coffee tables aren't glued together by massive machines. They're each custom made with love and hours of hardworking craftsmanship.

Custom Driftwood & Burlwood Furniture Company
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Burlwood BLOG

Latest updates from the driftwood & burlwood furniture world
Check out our recent blogs. We share stories, furniture tips, ideas and some of our new projects.

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