Customized Handcrafted Driftwood & Burlwood Furniture made uniquely for your Home Decor
Driftwood & Burlwood Furniture

Special Driftwood Furniture Prices

Would you like piece of Driftwood or Burlwood Furniture made just for you? We love to design custom driftwood furniture and since all our furniture is custom made we don't have out of the box furniture prices. We would like work out a free estimate for your unique piece of furniture. Here are some questions we'd love to know:

What would you like handcrafted?
Table, coffee table, side table, nightstand, chair, clock, light fixture, bookcase or a art piece perhaps

Do you have a size in mind?
Height, Width, Depth

Where will it live?
Inside or Outside

Contact us at (805) 795-0618

Customized Driftwood Burl Furniture