The Craftsman behind our Beautiful Handcrafted Driftwood & Burlwood Furniture
Driftwood & Burlwood Furniture

Tim Schilke grew up in Port Angeles, Washington; a small town by the Straits of Juan de Fuca, in the Pacific Northwest. When he got older he moved into a little cabin that was nestled in the Olympic Mountains. Needing furniture for his cabin and later his house he began to comb the beaches and forest for unique, unusual, one of a kind pieces of driftwood, roots, and burls. With Tim's findings he made custom driftwood tables, chairs, lamps, clocks, light fixtures and beds.

Custom Driftwood Burl Furniture

Award Wining Driftwood Furniture

Tim has the ability to recognize a true creation in burl and driftwood, to select and match precisely the right pieces is truly an appreciated craft. His reputation for excellent craftsmanship reaches to many places across the U.S. In 1980 he won a 1st place trophy for making top quality artistic furnishings in Moose Family Craftshow of Port Angeles. In 2016 he entered his creations at the Ventura County Fair and won 1st place and Judges Award Best In Show.

Custom Driftwood Furniture

Tim’s tables have a unique feature; he utilizes the holes and low areas of his to create tide pools with real shells. Everything is sanded down several times to 220 grit. He mixes and covers the tabletops and tide pools with two coats of Bar Tuff polymer resin. These furnishings have always been thoughtfully crafted with ecological harmony in mind. Each piece is carefully selected from non-growing or deteriorating trees. In Mr. Schilke's hands, these pieces are given a new life, nature reincarnated and delivered to your living room. One could take pride in owning these priceless pieces of nature!

Customized Driftwood Burl Furniture